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Mophie’s new Powerstation can now recharge phones and laptops

mophie powerstation ac launch
Mophie is known as one of the top competitors when it comes to external batteries and chargers, but most of its offerings have so far been focused on phones. Now, it looks like the company wants to change that, and it has taken the wraps off of its latest external battery pack, the Mophie Powerstation AC.

So what’s so different about the Powerstation AC? For starters, it boasts a 100W AC output, which means you will be able to plug in your laptop, camera batteries, and other devices to keep them nice and charged up on the go. According to Mophie, the battery in the Powerstation AC is capable of delivering an extra 15 hours of battery life to the Apple MacBook — though we imagine that’s without the device charging anything else as well.

Thankfully, the Powerstation AC doesn’t only have an AC output — it also has a few standard USB ports as well for charging your other devices. The device offers one USB-C port and one USB-A port, which, coupled with the AC port, means you can charge your laptop, phone, and another device all while on the go.

The Powerstation AC also offers Mophie‘s Priority+ charging technology — meaning that when you plug the battery itself in to charge, it will first pass through any energy to devices plugged into the USB-C port to charge them up before topping up itself. We wish the same applied to the USB-C ports and AC port, but it seems as though only the USB-A port is supported this time around.

Under the hood, the device features a 22,000mAh battery, which is pretty large. The trade-off is that the device itself is a little large — about the size of a medium book. It’s a little heavy too, coming in at 4.44 ounces. Still, if you’re carrying around a backpack, the size and weight shouldn’t be that big of an issue, and this battery is clearly built for situations in which you have a laptop with you anyway.

So how much will the Powerstation AC set you back? $200 — which makes it one of Mophie’s more expensive battery packs. Still, it could be well worth it for those that often find themselves running out of power. This isn’t the first battery pack with a power outlet that we’ve seen — others from ChargeTech and Jackery have been on the market for some time now. But it is the first from the likes of Mophie, which is a pretty well-respected brand in the battery pack business. Mophie did have the Powerstation XXL last year, and while it was a large battery, it only had USB-A and USB-C ports — no AC outlet.

Check out the video below for more information on the Mophie Powerstation AC, and head to the Mophie website to buy one.

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