More Ogg Vorbis for the P800

Currently in beta, Leif Wilden is now working to bring the freeware OggPlay Player to users of UIQ-based devices such as the Sony Ericsson P800.

The most recent version of the beta (0.5) lets users play back Ogg Vorbis files at most sample rates from both internal memory and Memory Stick storage cards, with some minor restrictions on where files can be placed. Also, it enables users to control the player both in flip open and flip closed mode, and in either case makes use of the jog wheel of the P800 to navigate.

Other features include setting up a playlist, shuffle support, displaying title, album and artist information, as well as pausing music upon incoming our outgoing phone calls. Features planned for inclusion in later versions include an alarm function, fast forward and backward controls and support for the standar playlist format.