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Moshi brings vegan-leather battery packs, backpack, and headphones to CES 2016

Moshi has announced a wealth of new accessories at CES 2016, ranging from backpacks and a set of new headphones, to an array of sleek battery packs named IonBank. These join a selection of charging cables and related accessories already revealed.

There are three new IonBank battery packs — the IonBank 3K, IonBank 5K, and the IonBank 10K. Each number roughly equates to the size of the cell inside the pack, in milliampere hours, giving you an idea of how much energy it’ll provide your phone.

Moshi has used its SmartSense circuitry inside each one, a clever system that allows the battery pack to charge while your charging your phone, thus providing the exact amount of current needed to top off your mobile device while saving the rest for itself. It’s a considerable bonus that eliminates the need to decide which battery to charge if only one socket is available.

On-Ear Headphones Avanti (Burgundy)

Each bank features an anodized aluminum body outfitted with what Moshi calls “vegan leather accents,” which we can only assume comes from real vegans. The basic IonBank 3K has a 3,200mAh cell inside, and a built-in Lightning connector to provide 120 percent power to an iPhone 6S. The larger IonBank 5K touts a different design, a 5,150mAh cell, and support for fast-charging. The 5K version, along with the IonBank 10K  — which boasts 10,300mAh battery that’s large enough to recharge an iPad Air 2 — both have USB ports and retractable USB charging cables. All three will go on sale in February, and cost $65, $80, and $100, respectively.

Moshi has also used the same metal and leather design seen on the IonBank with the new Avanti headphones, which will go on sale this spring for $200. The closed-back headphones feature 40mm neodymium drivers, leather accents, and a stainless steel band. They’re essentially designed for anyone seeking greater portability without sacrificing sound quality.

Helios Series (Helios & Helios Lite)
Helios Series (Helios & Helios Lite)

Moving away from mobile, Moshi has also launched the Helios backpack. It comes in two sizes; the Helios for up to 15-inch laptops, and the Helios Lite for up to 13-inch models. Both utilize water-resistant materials and vegan leather, as well as a slew of padded compartments designed to protect your laptop and related accessories. Several other compartments, straps, and zippered pockets also allow you to safely stow all your belongings. The Helios will cost $150 and come in either black or brown, while the Helios Lite will ship for $120 in blue or gray. Both are slated for a March release.

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