Moshi offers barely there Samsung Galaxy S3 case and screen protector

moshi offers barely there samsung galaxy s3 case and screen protector thing

Have you been able to get your hand on the new Samsung Galaxy S3? Oh, good! Now you’ll probably want a case to put your new baby in. Moshi, the makers behind popular Apple protective gear products, have ventured into the Android market by introducing new iGlaze cases to offer a barely there look to your spankin’ new phone.

The iGlaze is the first non-iOS accessory from Moshi, but the quality is no different than what you’d find with the company’s veteran iPhone case status. The body is a snap-on hardshell that plays on the Galaxy S3’s curves, accentuating the style in original colors of the phone itself. Coated with a matte, rubberized overlay, the case adds grip and protects from drops and scratches while staying lightweight and thin.

If you want extra protection on the delicate screen, Moshi is also offering the iVisor AG screen protector that can be easily applied like a sticker. What’s interesting about the iVisor is also the ability to be washable and reusable in case you get the film too smudged with food and grease. Of course, the combination of the case won’t interfere with the Galaxy S3’s NFC chip that can be used for S-Beam tap-to-transfer file sharing or Samsung TecTile code scanning.

You can purchase the iGlaze in four color options: black, blue, purple, and white. Each costs $25, and can be found on the online store. Similarly, the iVisor screen protectors cost the same amount and are available in just blue or white both online and in AT&T retail stores. You’ll also receive a cleaning cloth with your protector to keep it as smudge-free as humanly possible.