10 handy Moto X Style Pure Edition tips and tricks

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With a temptingly low price tag and an enticing set of specs, the Moto X Style Pure Edition is attracting plenty of interest. As an Android device, it offers all sorts of customization options and handy features, but Motorola has also built in a few tricks of its own. It can take a while to find your way around a new smartphone, so we’ve gathered together a bumper crop of Moto X Style Pure Edition tips for you right here.

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How to customize your home screen

Simply tap and hold on an empty portion of home screen, and you can choose your wallpaper and widgets. If you want to add a new home screen, then tap and hold on an app or widget, and drag it over and off the side of your existing home screen, to create a new one and place it there. You can create folders for your apps by tapping and holding on an app icon, and then dragging it on top of another one and dropping it.

How to take a screenshot

If you want to capture whatever is on your Moto X Style screen, then you can use the standard Android screenshot method. Simply hold the Power and Volume down buttons together, and you should hear the shutter sound and see a brief animation to indicate that you’ve captured a screenshot. You can share it directly by pulling down the notification shade, or find it later in your Gallery app, where it will be stowed in a Screenshots folder.

How to save battery life


There’s a battery saving option built into Android now, and you can find it via Settings > Battery, by tapping on the menu (three vertical dots) at the top right, tapping Battery saver, and toggling it on. You can also see particularly power greedy apps or services listed under Settings > Battery. For more general advice, check out our tips for saving smartphone battery.

How to find apps quickly

The Google Now launcher on the Moto X Style has a big, vertically-scrolling app drawer, which isn’t always ideal when you’re looking for something specific. But there are two shortcuts for finding the app you want in a hurry. Firstly, you can simply tap and hold on the app drawer icon to jump straight into the app search bar and type in the name of what you need. Secondly, with the app drawer open, you can tap on the scroll bar at the right hand side to see a big letter, so you can flick through the alphabetically-organized apps a bit more quickly.

How to change Color mode

You’re going to be staring at that 5.7-inch display for hours, so you should tweak it to look just the way you want. If you find that it’s a bit saturated out of the box, fear not, you can head into Settings > Display > Color mode and change from the default Vibrant to Normal, which is supposed to be a bit more realistic.

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