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Snap one of these Moto Mods on your Moto Z to give your new phone superpowers

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One of the coolest features of Motorola’s Moto Z smartphone is its modular accessories called Moto Mods. The peripheral devices add style and expanded functionality to your phone — be it for entertainment, productivity, or aesthetic expression. The Moto Mods work through the magical power of magnets. Each mod has integrated magnets that securely attach to the back of your phone. Motorola assures us that the magnets are strong enough to stay on, but that you can also quickly swap out one mod for another on the fly. So far, there have been quite a few Moto Mods released for the Moto Z, and each one is unique. Check them out below.

Instashare Projector ($300)


The name says it all. The Instashare Projector mod will turn your phone into a portable projector, which is perfect for showcasing your pictures, videos, and other content with friends, family, and the like. The mod can project on any flat surface, quickly transforming it into a 70-inch screen when need be. The integrated kickstand also add a fair amount of flexibility and stability, so you can project your content at any angle. It’s available for $300. Read more here.

Multiple Power Packs ($60-90)


The Incipio OFFGRID Power Pack and the Mophie Juice Pack mods provide extended battery life — up to 22 hours or an additional 60 percent, respectively. You can even eke out a few more precious hours using their Efficiency Mode, which enables the pack to automatically charge at the most opportune times for up to 25 percent more battery life. The mods boast wireless charging, too, making the process of juicing up quick and simple. Two other versions of the Incipio OFFGRID — the Kate Spade New York Power Pack and TUMI Power Pack — are also available for those seeking a different look. Prices range between $60 and $90 dollars, depending on the model. Read more here.

JBL SoundBoost ($80)


Slap this on the back of your Moto Z, and suddenly you’ve got a mini stereo equipped with high-quality JBL sound. Unlike most external speakers and sound boosting peripherals, the JBL SoundBoost mod works immediately after you attach it. No pairing necessary. Plus, like the aforementioned Instashare Projector, it features a built-in kickstand for quick setup. Don’t worry about dipping into your battery life to power the speakers either, as the mod has its own dedicated battery that can power itself for up to 10 hours. It retails for $80. Read more here.

Style Mods ($20-$25)


No mod pack would be complete without a host of style mods to snap onto your Moto Z. The Style Shell mods come in a variety of colors (black, gray, red, etc.), styles (stripes, solid colors, etc.), and materials (wood, leather, fabric, etc.), giving you the ability to customize your phone’s look whenever you’d like. Every design has a version compatible with wireless Qi and PMA charging docks. The nylon fabric and wood versions start at $20, or you can shell out a bit more for the leather covers — they’re $25. Read more here.

Incipio Vehicle Dock ($65)

For any Moto Z user that needs to keep an eye on the GPS, or quickly change music while on the road, Incipio’s Vehicle Dock makes things easier. It connects to your car’s air vent and attaches to your phone magnetically, making for a secure, reliable fit. The dock has built-in support for Android Auto, providing you with a hands-free way to control your phone while you focus on driving. Use voice commands to make phone calls, or send and receive messages. You can even set Android Auto to start automatically when your phone is connected. Incipio’s dock supports fast charging, can output audio through the AUX output, and can be rotated 360 degrees to be in portrait or landscape view. It’s currently priced at $65. Read more here.

Hasselblad True Zoom ($250-$300)

Hasselblad’s True Zoom enhances the capabilities of your phone’s camera far beyond what it can normally do. Providing a 10x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom, users are able to capture objects farther away without experiencing a drop in picture quality, and can get the highest quality available by shooting in a RAW format. The physical shutter and camera zoom add to the overall experience, which includes easier, more intuitive controls, and the ability to quickly share photos and videos, as they’re backed up and organized automatically in Google Photos. The mod comes with several capture modes, including, panorama, video, professional, night landscape, and back light portrait, and even has a “Pro” mode that emphasizes white balance, shutter speed, and exposure. It’s one of the more expensive Moto Mods, starting at $250. Read more here.

These are all the Moto mods that are currently available, but we expect to see more in the future. We’ll update this piece with new mods as they arrive. In the meantime, read our review and join the movement to #FreeTheMotoZ from its exclusive agreement with Verizon.

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