3G Motorola A835 phone launched

The Motorola A835 offers a high quality zoom camera and speakerphone that makes video calling – video mobile technology’s most unique feature – an easier and better quality experience than ever before.

The A835 was developed to take advantage of 3’s unique video mobile services, from video calling and video messaging to downloading and playing video clips from a range of partners, including UEFA Champions League and Barclaycard Premiership football matches, MTV news and videos, the latest film releases, the exploits of the Jackass team and ITN News bulletins.

Gareth Jones, COO of 3, said: “You need a 3G network to offer video that’s worth having. While barely watchable video clips that take forever to download seem good enough for other operators, 3 offers the real deal right now.

“With the A835 you can download video clips in seconds rather than minutes, and the image quality of video calls and video playback is clearer and sharper than the majority of mobile users would believe is possible.”

Key features of the A835 include:

– 4x Zoom video and still camera
– High resolution screen capable of video playback at 15 frames per second
– Video calling with Speakerphone
– Large internal memory of 64mb – enough to store over one hour’s worth of typical video content from 3
– Bluetooth and infrared for wireless connections
– Send and receive emails, as well as text, picture and video messages
– MP3 player
– PC software that allows easy synchronisation with contact, calendar and tasks as well as ability to transfer or upload content such as clips, photos or ringtunes from a PC to the handset.

The A835 will be available from mid-October in 3 stores and through 3’s retail partners.

It will be available across all of 3’s contract price plans, which now start at £15 per month.

The launch of the A835 follows the arrival of the Motorola A920 handset – a combined video mobile, MP3 player and PDA – in September.