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Motorola Mirage/Shadow Emerges with 4.3-inch WVGA Display


Motorola is making itself very comfortable in the Chinese mobile market. A Chinese source leaked today that Motorola is getting ready to release another high-end Android handset. Our guess is that this handset, dubbed either the Mirage or the Shadow (take your pick), will push the Droid out of the limelight due to its grandiose 4.3-inch screen. Aside from its titan of a display, this new touchscreen device is packing some truly delightful features like a HDMI port, 8MP camera and HD (1080p) video playback and all in a 9mm thin case. Basically it would be a larger, slightly slimmer Droid—which makes us very excited.


If the rumor-mill is accurate and this sleek handset is real, then the Mirage/Shadow will most likely be Motorola’s flagship for 2010. Unfortunately this shabby 3D rendering is the only image being passed around among mobile-techies. Still, it’s something to look forward to from Motorola.

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