Moto G 4G LTE version rumored, could be joined by Ferrari edition, and budget Moto E

Motorola Moto G front right

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Rumors are swirling around Motorola’s future smartphone plans at the moment, providing hints we’re soon to see at least three new devices launch, including a 4G LTE version of the Moto G, a special Ferrari branded edition, and a super slim entry level device known as the Moto E. There are no official details on any of these phones yet, but here’s what we’ve heard so far.

The Moto G is a great little phone. It’s well-specced, well-priced, and in our opinion, well worth buying. However, some wanted it to come with 4G LTE, and it appears Motorola may grant that wish soon. Anonymous sources say the Moto G LTE will feature exactly the same specification sheet as the regular 3G Moto G, but with the addition of a faster data connection. It’s also possible the phone will only be available with 16GB of internal memory.

Ferrari Motorola XT621If a 4G LTE Moto G is announced, expect the price to be higher than the 3G model. The 16GB 3G phone is priced at $200. We should look out for an official launch in June, according to the report. Another Moto G could be launched at the same time, and it may be a Ferrari branded special edition. Motorola already sells a Ferrari edition of the XT621 in Mexico – where all these Motorola rumors originated – with exclusive wallpapers, ringtones, a bright red body, and Ferrari branding. A Ferrari Moto G would probably be a similar brand cash-in.

Finally, we come to the Moto E. Instead of being another spin-off, this looks like a brand new phone. The leaked spec sheet indicates it’ll be smaller than the Moto G, with a 4.3-inch display, but should retain the 720p resolution. The processor is listed as a 1.2GHz dual-core chip, and other features could include a 5-megapixel camera, Android 4.4 KitKat, and 4GB of internal memory. It’s the dimensions which make the Moto E standout. At a mere 6.2mm thick, it could be one of the slimmest phones we’ve seen.

Motorola may target Latin America and other growing markets with these three phones. However, the Moto G has given the company considerable success in other countries, so don’t be surprised if these rumored phones end up getting a wider release. We’ll just have to wait for Motorola to make them official before finding out more.