Movie theaters turn pre-show trivia into smartphone game with prizes


As mentioned within the New York Times recently, a cinema advertising company called Screenvision is attempting to integrate mobile devices into the pre-show experience prior to watching a theatrical release in over 2,400 theater locations across the United States. Screenvision has developed an iOS application called Screenfanz that attempts to gamify the experience of arriving early within the movie theater. After registering within the mobile application or on the main site, users can collect points when performing actions like checking in at a movie theater or answering trivia questions on the movie theater screen. Outside of the theater, registered users can also generate points by rating movies and taking weekly quizzes.

screenfanz-app-quizThese points are used to calculate the number of entries that factor into six different giveaway periods that are running from early April through late September. Over the six prize periods, Screenvision plans on giving away fifty reward codes that can be redeemed for two movie tickets through Fandango or

The company is also giving away one hundred movie theater concession codes per prize period. The approximate value of the code is only $5 though, barely enough to purchase any single item at a typical movie theater concession stand. 

Beyond generating points, users of the Screenfanz application can also search for local movie theaters with show times as well as read about new movies and watch trailers. Screenvision officials hope to generate more successful relationships with advertisers with the application in addition to providing a more interactive experience for the typical moviegoer.

Prior to launching the application, Screenvision conducted research with over 600 respondents and found that over 75 percent of the group would attempt to arrive early to the movie theater in order to view the opening advertisements as well as use the smartphone application to answer trivia questions and check into the theater.