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Mozilla’s Firefox browser for Android and iOS gets a revamped homepage

In May, Mozilla rolled out a fresh new interface to the Firefox browser based on some highly data-driven learnings. Now, the Firefox browser’s mobile version is getting an improved homepage with several new features based on users’ feedback to help make browsing more thorough and efficient.

The new homepage on Firefox for Android and iOS brings dedicated sections to improve how users browse on their smartphones. For example, “Jump back in,” lets you quickly open the last active tab that you were browsing. Besides the most recent tabs, Firefox also shows the most recent bookmarks, so you can dive back into the pool of information without making a lot of effort to find the tab that was previously opened or saved.

Alongside recent bookmarks, Firefox for Android automatically puts recent searches of the previous 14 days into convenient groups to help users assimilate all the information on a single topic or make it easy for them to scour through reviews before buying a product.

Firefox also comes with a feature to help you declutter the list of active tabs. Unlike Chrome, which now lets you sort tabs into groups, Firefox will automatically archive open tabs that you haven’t visited in the last 14 days. These tabs will move into an “inactive state,” which probably means they will no longer take up space on the tab grid, but can be accessed separately. The feature is currently limited to Firefox on Android and is expected to arrive on the iOS version soon.

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Lastly, Firefox on Android will now give users the ability to sort articles from Pocket based on the different categories associated with the content. They will be able to choose among categories like Must-Reads, Technology, Space, Health, Science, etc., using easily accessible tabs.

The new Firefox homepage is available on Firefox for Android and Firefox for iOS. You can also download the PC app to get additional features, including the ability to sync across all devices, shared passwords, and more.

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