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The svelte Mu Two international travel charger can power your laptop and phone

If you always run out of your room in your suitcase, then the Mu Two international travel charger could be ideal for you. It boasts two USB-C ports and can put out a total of 63W, which means you can use it to fast charge your laptop and your smartphone at the same time.

This svelte charger features a clever design with a slim body and three plug attachments for the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe. That covers about 200 countries. All of the plug heads fold flat, so simply pack the one you need and unfold it to plug in and charge. Thanks to the smart design, the Mu Two measures just 112 mm by 55 mm and is just 14 mm thick, or 4.4 inches by 2.2 inches and half an inch thick.

Mu Two

The original Mu charger featured a similar, clever design which won it one of our Top Tech Awards at MWC 2016. The adoption of Gallium Nitride or GaN as a semiconductor material has enabled the development of smaller and faster chargers and Mu employed it to create a 45W version of the Mu One.

With the Mu Two, the makers have managed to bump that up to 63W and they’ve included a second USB-C port. That means you can plug in any laptop with USB-C, like the MacBook Pro, and charge it up. While the Mu Two can deliver up to 63W total, if you plug a laptop in the first port and a smartphone in the second it will deliver 45W to the laptop and 18W to the phone. That’s enough for phones like the Apple iPhone 11 Pro and the Google Pixel 4 to charge up at top speed.

The Mu Two is available on Kickstarter right now and if you’re quick you can get one for $69. Each Mu Two ships with the three plug head attachments. If you want a braided USB-C to C cable with it, then it will cost you an extra $10, or you can take a look at our picks of the best USB-C cables and get one of them instead. The regular price will be $99.

The Mu Two has already far surpassed its funding goal, in fact it was fully funded in just 37 minutes, and the makers are aiming to deliver in June 2020.

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