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No one seems to know where the Axon Phone even came from, except maybe ZTE

Axon Phone
With ZTE’s announcement earlier this month that the bezel-free, high-end Nubia Z9 would make its way to the United States, it’s clear that the company intends to make its presence known in the West. That’s why today’s reveal of the mysterious Axon Phone is very confusing, because it bears no ZTE branding, even though it might be the ones behind it, according to PCMag.

The outlet has reason to believe ZTE is behind this specific bit of marketing, the first reason being the Axon website has “/zte/” in its source code. Meanwhile, the second piece of evidence points to the website belonging to ZTE since 2012.

“ZTE does not comment on rumors or speculation and does not have any statements to share at this time,” said ZTE.

Regardless of whether ZTE wants to rebrand itself in the United States, we are looking at quite a beefy smartphone, starting with a whopping 4GB of RAM. Turn the phone around and you’ll find a still-novel dual-camera setup that supports up to 4K video recording. In addition, the grills on the front of the smartphone could indicate we’re looking at a dual front-facing speaker setup.

Finally, the Axon Phone looks to run a skinned version of Android, with no version number revealed, while you’ll find Google Play services onboard. In other words, you should have access to Google Play and Google’s wide assortment of Android apps.

ZTE Axon will reveal more information about the Axon Phone during its New York City launch event on July 14, though there is a contest that will award the top winner a free Axon Phone and $10,000, presumably in the form of a check. There are three runner-up prizes that award winners a free Axon Phone and money in the form of an American Express gift card, while 30 additional winners will receive a free Axon Phone and either a $50 or $100 American Express gift card.

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