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Here's where to turn your Strava and Runkeeper routes into gorgeous art prints

There’s a new way to show off your exercise adventures. A new website, Nativah Chaya, has refined the way we immortalize these important moments. Nativah Chaya or “paths of life” takes that walking, running, or cycling route you love so much and turns it into an art print.

If you want a custom print of a unique route — say that round-about way you hit 9W or your first slog up Bear Mountain, or even your daily commute, you can have it. Your unique data is overlaid on a shaded, detailed map. Runkeeper, MapMyRun, and Strava are examples of easy-to-use programs that record where you’ve been. All three services have a route creation tool to plot any route you like. Simply send a screenshot from your favorite tracker.

If routes aren’t to your liking, there’s also the location option. That’s a map with key places highlighted instead of the path taken to reach it.

You pick your materials, either canvas or photo paper, and path color. Right now, Brick Red is listed, but other colors are available. Arianna Chaya, the artist and creator of Nativah Chaya, told Digital Trends, “I’m trying to leave the custom section as open as possible for the client.”

The idea is to present unique journeys, experiences, and achievements in an artistic form that travelers of all kinds can appreciate. Arianna, herself a cyclist, told DT, “My background is in Architecture and Urban Design and part of my study included different ways of mapping cities.”

The Nativah Chaya site clarifies that Arianna “learned the figure ground technique for mapping cities during her undergraduate study.” This technique lends depth to the beautifully detailed maps used for the prints.

The website also offers unmarked maps of various cities around the world. As Arianna explains, “Let’s say you wanted Detroit or Chicago or something not featured, just a city map, I’ll map it and add it to the site, no extra cost or anything.” Other common routes, like the New York City Marathon, are coming. “I’ll be adding more maps over time, as well as other common marathons.”

Right now, city maps, the marathon, the travel series, and the custom design available, but the site is still expanding. As of now, all but the travel series are 18 by 24 inches, while the travel series itself is a group of three eight-by-twelve-inch prints. Arianna said she’s also looking to add another section for smaller orders. Keep an eye on the website for updates, and remember Nativah Chaya when you’re trying to find a gift for that triathlete who has everything.