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Ahoy there! Native Union’s newest phone cables are ideal for on-trend landlubbers

Nautical themes are in this summer, and it’s not just on the fashion catwalks you’ll find maritime colors and patterns, but on smartphone accessories made by Native Union. The company has unveiled its new collection of products, each with a gorgeous red, white, and blue pattern, striking the right balance between subtlety and high fashion. Fabien Nauroy, Native Union’s Head of Design told Digital Trends, “Nautical is a trend originating from the fashion industry. We picked this classic pattern used on sailboat lines and refined the colors to compliment both your tech and your home.”

Native Union’s cables have long been wrapped inside a tough braided nylon coating, which lends itself perfectly to the nautical color scheme, and keeps them free from frays and tears during everyday use. The sea-faring treatment extends beyond Native Union’s cables, crossing over into its combo products as well.

There are five products in the new Nautical range, and all but one is expressly for use with Apple devices equipped with a Lightning cable connector, which means all modern iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. The cheapest is the Belt cable, which is a replacement to the standard Lightning cable, but with the added bonus of a leather strap to keep it tangle-free when you carry it around. It costs $25, and a version which adds a Micro-USB connector costs $40.

Native Union’s Night Cable is an unusual, and very helpful cable. It’s a whopping 10-feet long, and has a bundled up knot of cable close to the Lightning connector, which helps keep it anchored (pun intended) when resting on a table, desk, or the side of your bed. The length makes it perfect for those situations where a plug socket isn’t conveniently placed to where you want to sit, or lay down. It costs $40, while the much smaller Key cable is $30, and uses a similar cable knot like a key fob, so you’ve always got a charging cable when you need it. Finally, Native Union’s Jump Cable combines an 800mAh battery pack for emergencies with a charging cable, all in one compact package for $50.

All the new Nautical themed Native Union accessories are available through the company’s website now.

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