NEC To Offer Vuico Email On 525 HDM Phone

From Vuico’s press release:

NEC America, Inc. (NEC) and Vuico announce the North American availability of Vuico’s GoWireless PRO solution for NEC’s 525 High Definition Mobile (HDM) phones. The NEC 525 HDM has also been selected as the lead mobile phone for InPhonic’s Maximum Mobile Value Program (MMVP). This program was developed to provide a compelling solution for mobile users and includes free cell phones (after rebates) with the purchase of wireless and data services and one-year free access to Vuico’s GoWireless PRO email. Together the NEC 525 HDM phone and GoWireless PRO solution heighten the mobile experience, offering users seamless and intelligent access to their email accounts while being mobile.

Vuico’s GoWireless PRO is an easy-to-use, email solution offering real-time access to corporate and personal email, calendar and contacts for the mobile phone – anywhere, anytime. Designed specifically for the mobile individual, GoWireless PRO is a self-provisioned and self-managed mobile email offering, providing convenient access to up to five email accounts with Microsoft Exchange, POP3 and IMAP messaging environments. Registering existing email accounts is straightforward; users simply download software wirelessly to their handset with no additional software required for installation on the user’s PC or server. Additionally, users can log-on to the GoWireless PRO Web site to manage their existing or establish new email accounts, customize alerts and notifications for emails and appointments, add a signature line, plus many other options. GoWireless PRO is available only through InPhonic’s MMVP and is not sold separately.

NEC’s 525 HDM handset brings advanced personalization and feature-rich functionality into the hands of its users. With an embedded digital camera, a large 2.2-inch, 65,536- color display and a 4,096-color external LCD screen, the 525 HDM delivers an exciting end-user experience via enhanced applications technology and robust functionality. In addition, the 525 HDM is a GSM/GPRS quad band mobile handset providing global communications capabilities, allowing individuals to access their GoWireless PRO email when traveling internationally.

InPhonic’s MMVP offers its mobile customers one-stop shopping for cell phones, voice and data services, accessories, plus free email for the mobile phone. InPhonic will provide online device activation, assist customers with phone and service selection, then package and deliver the phone ready for use by the customer. With the delivery of each phone, the customer will be notified to sign up for the one-year free GoWireless PRO email services as a special ‘thank you.’ MMVP can be accessed through Vuico’s home page,

“Email continues to be a valued communication media in the world today,” said Noboru Sakata, general manager, Wireless Division, NEC America, Inc.“ Vuico’s GoWireless PRO solutions take advantage of the NEC 525 HDM technologies to enhance this communications media and offers a compelling value proposition for potentially mobilizing and expanding workforce productivity, and extends these benefits to our users. We are very pleased to be able to offer this rich email experience to individuals and businesses in North America.”

“With its second, dedicated applications processor and advanced application features, the NEC 525 HDM provides an ideal foundation for giving consumers and mobile professionals new levels of mobility and productivity. We are very impressed with the high quality of the NEC 525 HDM and have selected it as the lead phone to showcase Vuico’s GoWireless PRO email offering ,” said Vui Le, president and CEO of Vuico.


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