Need 100 cases of Bud Light in less than an hour? There’s an app for that


Launching today in the Washington D.C. area, Anheuser-Busch has created an Android mobile app (iOS coming soon) that lets users order between 1 and 100 cases of Bud Light and have the beer delivered directly to their home. Obviously limited to users that are specifically 21 and older, the beer company promises that deliveries will be made within an hour. This service could be particularly ideal for any party or sporting event, especially when the host or attendees are already too inebriated to drive to the supermarket or liquor store.

Detailed on the Anheuser-Busch newsroom, the Bud Light Button app also includes something of an added bonus. Anheuser-Busch vice president Lucas Herscovici said “Some people will get just a little something extra, like Bud Light-branded gear, but once in a while, we’re going to deliver a really over-the-top, amazing experiences. Maybe that means we show up with a DJ who turns your gathering of friends into an amazing event. The only way to find out for sure what we’re going to do is to grab your phone and use the Bud Light Button.

Anheuser-Busch is working with Klink, an alcohol delivery service operating within Washington, D.C., Orlando, Miami and Ann Arbor, to fulfill and deliver all orders. Basically, Klink fulfills the order at a local vendor near the user, picks up the beer and delivers it to the home of the Bud Light Button app user. There’s also a nominal delivery fee and it’s likely that the delivery driver would accept tips.

Interestingly, Anheuser-Busch isn’t the only beer company that’s looking for a way to break into the home delivery market. According to Fortune, MillerCoors is attempting a similar pilot program within Boston, New York, Seattle and Washington, D.C. that will deliver within 60 minutes. Of course, MillerCoors isn’t offering the possibility of a DJ showing up at your front door.