Need to switch from iPhone to Android? Google posted a guide that will help you

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With the impending releases of the recently-announced Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 9 tablet looming over the mobile landscape, Google thought it would be a smart move to publish a guide to help anyone who wants to switch from iOS to Android. After all, Apple published a guide on how to make the move from Android to iOS, so now it’s Google’s turn to counter Apple’s move.

Google’s guide shows you the following steps to help you make the move from iOS to Android:

  • How to bring your photos and music
  • How to transfer contacts
  • How to setup email and messaging
  • How to find your favorite apps

Looking over the guide, however, you might notice that it isn’t that in-depth. It seems that Google published this guide as a way to hit the ground running instead of showing you every little thing you can do with Android. It does link to a guide on how to get the most out of your Android phone. Funny enough, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt posted his own guide on how to make the switch from iOS to Android, though that, too, leaves a bit to be desired.

Of course, you can always just check out our guide on switching from iOS to Android. It’s much more in-depth and walks you through each step.