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Netflix Comes to the iPhone and iPod touch

Video rental leader Netflix has been a hit with Apple iPad owners, thanks to its app that enables Netflix subscribers to stream movies and television shows to the device. Now, Netflix has extended its Netflix App to the iPhone and iPod touch, enabling owners of Apple’s smaller-screened portable devices to stream video content.

“Apple has changed the game for mobile devices,” said Netflix cofounder and CEO Reed Hastings, in a statement. “We’re excited that our members can now carry Netflix around in their pockets and instantly watch movies and TV shows streamed from Netflix right to their iPhone or iPod touch.”

In April, Netflix said it was planning to support the iPhone and iPod touch.

The Netflix app enables Netflix subscribers to stream available movie and television content directly to their iPhones, iPod touch, and iPad devices using either Wi-Fi or 3G networks. Users can select content from their pre-configured Instant Queues, view cast and synopsis information, rate content, or select from a number of categories and genres, including content newly available to Netflix. The app enables users to rewind and fast forward through a video stream, and users can pause any time they like. When users next access the video—even from a different Netflix-enabled device—the content will pick up where users left off.

The Netflix App is free; Netflix subscriptions start at $8.99 per month.

The availability of Netflix for iPhone and iPod touch is the company’s latest move to popularize its “Watch Instantly” Internet streaming service. Although Netflix built its name on a rent-by-mail DVD business, Netflix has been focusing much of its efforts into streaming video content to computers, television, and consumer electronics devices via the Internet.

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