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Netflix gets family-friendly and brings ‘Just for Kids’ to the iPad

netflix just for kids

Today Netflix has rolled out Netflix’s “Just for Kids” category to its iPad app. The family-friendly hub was introduced in August 2011 on Apple TV, Xbox, PS3, and other devices, and now will finally be available on the incredibly popular tablet. It targets children up to the age of 12 years old, and much like the traditional sections, the kid-specific titles are separated into categories including “Popular,” “Superheroes,” and “Watch with the Family.”

The category uses an interesting search mechanism,  using images of characters from the most popular children’s shows. When your child selects a character, a new page will open up where all the episodes associated with that character can be browsed.

The iPad is evolving into a kid-centric tool for many parents. iYogi Insights, a research initiative, found that parents are willing to allow their children to spend as many as two hours per day on an iPad, and will spend up to $14 per month for iPad downloads and subscriptions. 57 percent of parents will even use the iPad as a way to keep their children occupied to “keep kids out of their hair.” And Netflix, naturally, is a great way to do this.

“Just for Kids” not only surfaces age appropriate content, but it also works as a censoring feature for parents. If you’re a stickler for filtering what your child is allowed to watch, you’re everything accessible under this section will meet your requirements. 

One feature that should make its way to the app — and is currently available via smartphone — is recommended titles based on a child’s age group.

The “Just for Kids” section is available only for the iPad 2 and newest iPad, but the Netflix team is working on releasing an app for the original iPad and Android tablets in the near future.

You can check out the video of the feature in action below.

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