Netflix adds 1080p video streaming to iOS app, but only over Wi-Fi

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Netflix has updated its iOS app to support the new screen sizes and resolutions on Apple’s latest iPhone models. Announced on its official website, version 7.0 of the app has been optimized to display more on-screen information, and higher-res video. According to the blurb, iPhone 6 owners will benefit from an improved interface, larger images, and better performance; while 6 Plus owners will also enjoy Netflix’s streaming content in 1080p.

Excellent news, but there is a catch. To watch all the lovely Full HD movies and TV shows on your 6 Plus, the phone will need a Wi-Fi connection, regardless of whether your expensive 4G LTE service is capable of handling the load. However, before you get too upset, remember 1080p video files can be massive, and would quickly eat through a modest data allowance.

Netflix has 53 million subscribers, according to the firm’s VP of Product Carlos Uribe, who says innovating and providing new services is essential to retaining customers, which is its primary goal. Keeping mobile users happy is similarly important. Additionally, Netflix’s chief financial officer has also said we should look out for a “sizable expansion” in 2015, indicating it’s ready to launch its service in more new markets.

Back in October, Netflix updated its Android app with a new visual search system, which was subsequently introduced on the iOS version, ensuring the user interface remains consistent across all platforms.

The version 7.0 update’s live inside the App Store now, and is free to download. Other alterations include iOS 8 support, and better integration with Chromecast.

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