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Google’s new game developer tools let you livestream gameplay and try before you buy

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Today was Google’s “Developer Day” at its Game Developers Conference, and the company celebrated with the launch of a number of new services for game developers. The new tools could result in some interesting innovations for gamers who are browsing the Google Play Store, too.

Among the services are new tools for the management of virtual currencies and goods, as well as the launch of a new Video Recording API. Last, but certainly not least, is a new ad type that lets you try games out from the the search results page.

Livestream your gameplay

Thanks to the new API, app developers can easily incorporate the option to stream or record videos to YouTube in their apps.

The addition of the Video Recording API is certainly interesting, and will appeal to the growing game streaming community. It remains to be seen how many people playing mobile games will take advantage of the feature, but it’s a nice option nonetheless. Also, as mobile games become increasingly complex and streaming gameplay becomes easier, the number of livestreamers may increase.

Try before you buy

One of the most appealing new options for both developers and gamers, is Google’s “Search Trial Run Ads.” These ads will launch in the next few weeks, and essentially allow users to stream a trial of each game without having to install the app. The user simply has to hit the “try now” button, and the game will be streamed from Google’s servers. The trial is limited to 10 minutes, after which you’ll be asked if you want to install the game. Developers of both free and paid games can offer the free trial.

The trial feature will help you decide if you’ll enjoy playing the game enough to justify the $5 app purchase. It might also increase the number of game purchases on the Google Play Store.

Of course, Google has been trying to offer more complex options in search results of late. The company began streaming results from services like Twitter and Hotel Tonight and incorporating information from the two apps in its search results. Streaming full games, however, is more challenging, and will only be available when you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Indie Corner for game discovery

Google is also launching a new section of the Play Store, called “Indie Corner,” which aims to help out independent game developers. Developers who want to take part in this section will need to submit their games for review, but only the best will be selected. The new section could help gamers discover the next indie hit and propel smaller app developers to stardom.

All of these features are coming to the Play Store and Google search results soon, though it’ll be up to individual developers whether or not they add the new features.

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