New app “Notify” from Facebook tries to be like Twitter for your lock-screen

Just weeks after launching their GIF oriented application Boomerang, Facebook rolled out yet another app, but this time with a completely different focus. Notify aims to transform the way you consume your news by curating information and then creating a timeline that’s pushed straight to your lock-screen. While it seems like an attempt to recreate a Twitter like news formula, there are a few unique features. We went hands-on with the app to find out for ourselves.

In this video Joshua Smith shows how to use the new app Notify and shares what it’s all about. Even though there are tons of channels that help personalize your news within the app, we aren’t sold on the push notifications being enough to entice you to use them on your lock screen. Find out if Notify is an app you’ll want to try for yourself after watching this quick video.

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