New Foursquare update adds support for photos, comments

new foursquare update adds support for photos comments ps cs highres1On Monday, Foursquare, one of the more popular location-based social networks, launched an updated app for the iPhone that allows users to post photos and leave comments about their own check-ins and friends’ check-ins. That opens up a new level of communication for Foursquare that may enhance the “social” experience in the eyes’ of some users.

Foursquare says the addition of photos will allow users to, for example, “see dishes before ordering them, figure out if a venue looks fun, or easily identify a hard-to-find spot.” Foursquare has already partnered with a few companies to push photos to users’ devices when they check-in to certain places.

The comment feature allows users to post thoughts about friends’ check-ins to, say, share plans to meet at a particular neighborhood bar later in the evening. With the iPhone’s push notification enabled, Foursquare will update users about their friends comments on the fly, even if the app isn’t currently active.

The Foursquare update is now available in Apple’s App Store and should be launching next week for Android devices. Blackberry users can expect the new features in January.