New Google patent tweaks camera settings to match the weather you’re in

galaxy s3 vs nexus 4

A new patent from Google hints at plans to use your GPS location to assist with camera settings. In reality, the GPS will be used to determine the current weather and whether your inside or outside, Engadget reports

That information can then be used to control settings like white balance, flash, saturation, etc., to compensate for the different light during an indoor birthday party compared to an outdoor BBQ. Unique situations are usually best to be handled on manual mode, but adding deeper information on lighting could further strengthen automatic mode for casual photographers (ie: most of us).

The new patent could be a step towards fulfilling the promise of “insanely great” cameras in upcoming Nexus phones and you won’t see us complaining. Of course, patent applications are never a sure bet and we’ve been disappointed before. But between the promise of better camera technology and this very specific and realistic patent application, it seems Google is doubling down on camera quality.


If this does make it to a newer version of Android it will be cool to see how it interacts with the Samsung Galaxy S4’s new sensors that measure the temperature and humidity of its surroundings. It seems to us that this patent could have further applications than simply amping up your photos. But like most patents, this is all speculation and we’ll have to wait and see if it ever comes to fruition.