New Google Shopping features land in time for Black Friday shopping stampede

Google shopping

If you’re sharpening your elbows in preparation for Black Friday’s inevitable shopping stampede at the end of the week, Google’s hoping to ease you through the challenging day with the roll out of some new mobile features on its search service.

The enhancements ensure Google Shopping now pulls up more detailed information for online searches, so you can learn more about the product you’re interested in, with customer reviews offering extra guidance in case you’re in two minds.

Most importantly, Google’s search results will clearly detail which stores have the item in stock. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll get your hands on it – you’ll need steely determination, lightning-fast feet, and possibly an intimidating demeanor to make sure that happens.

In addition, some products can now be rotated in 360 degrees so you can view them in more detail.

Google said 27 percent of U.S. consumers are already researching purchases and deals online in readiness for Black Friday.

With the Mountain View company claiming that nearly 50 percent of those aged between 25 and 34 use their smartphone to check deals while waiting in line at stores, it looks as if the new Google Shopping features will come in handy for plenty of consumers on the hunt for a bargain.

This week’s Black Friday is gearing up to be as manic as ever, with reports of shoppers starting lines outside stores as long ago as November 5.

If you’re planning on joining the battle at the end of this week, be sure to check out our very own Survival Guide, which should ensure you come out the winner in any shopper showdown.

[Source: Google]