New iPhone dock doubles as smoke and carbon monoxide detector


You know how you’re supposed to regularly check the batteries in your home’s smoke detectors? Without a doubt, most of us fail to do this as often as we should. But, provided this Kickstarter campaign achieves its desired funding, you’ll have a backup plan, as long as you’re charging your iPhone. 

Sense+ is a sleek looking portable iPhone docking station that doubles as both a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. When the dock senses either of the hazardous materials — which the company claims it can do in a noticeably faster time than the most commonly used devices — it immediately triggers the user’s phone. (Though it’s not confirmed on the Kickstarter page, we believe the phone must be plugged into the dock in order for it to work.) You’re given a window of opportunity to acknowledge and dismiss the alarm before the app automatically dials your emergency contact numbers, which you’ll have to program in upon downloading the accompanying app. Afterward, a pop-up will display offering emergency services, if need be. 

Though it’s designed for the iPhone 5, it will work with the iPad mini, and it also has a USB plug in the rear that can connect to other devices. However, we can’t really see the point of plugging in other devices without the associated app, which is necessary to making the whole thing work. (The folks behind Sense+ do say that they are planning on releasing future versions that will work with both Android and Windows devices.) 

While they have been able to create some working prototypes, the folks behind Sense+ are looking to raise $150,000 via their Kickstarter campaign to help fund production costs. At press time, they were shy of $1,000 of their goal, with about a month and a half left for donations to roll in.