Leak shows rumored BlackBerry R10, adds possible specs to new pictures

BlackBerry R10 LeakBlackBerry has made it quite clear it will be releasing other devices later this year, and we’ve been given a quick look at one of the possible candidates, currently known as the BlackBerry R10, on a few occasions in the past. The latest leak adds a few of the headline features to improved pictures of the R10.

The images come from a Chinese website dedicated to BlackBerry phones, and they show a black edition of the phone, which joins previously leaked versions in red and white. The BlackBerry R10 is expected to play the Curve to the Q10’s Bold, with savings in overall price coming from materials and a simpler design. From the front, the R10 looks like a squared-off Q10, and is still equipped with a physical keyboard, although the keys don’t look quite so shapely as they do on the sister phone.

From the back, the R10 looks like an iPhone 3G/3GS, with a curved, glossy rear panel and the BlackBerry logo right in the center. It even has a set of chrome-look volume keys on the side, and the camera lens in the top left. As for the specification, the good news is the screen is the same as the Q10, measuring 3.1-inches and boasting a 720 x 720 pixel resolution. The processor isn’t listed, but it’s likely to have 2GB of RAM to help run BlackBerry 10, plus there’s 8GB of internal storage and a 5-megapixel camera.

Apparently, we can expect the BlackBerry Q10 to launch after the summer, in the run up to the holiday shopping season, and it’ll potentially wear a price tag of between $300 and $400 unconnected. Of course, all this is speculation, and the phone we’re seeing here may not be representative of the final, retail-ready device; however it does all sound plausible. The R10 joins talk of a similarly lower-spec version of the BlackBerry Z10, and a big-screen tablet/smartphone hybrid, as being possible new BlackBerry phones on the horizon this year.