New Nokia 3230 And 6020 Camera Phones

“”Smartphones are now at the heart of the industry,” explained Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Multimedia, Nokia. “Mobility is a powerful force. Not only are smartphones reaching the mainstream, they are drawing on cross-industry technologies to spur further innovation.”

With smartphone volumes growing strongly, Nokia outlined plans to expand the Series 60 smartphone platform to cover high-end and mid-range categories. The platform will embrace more extensive multimedia capabilities, supporting widescreen resolutions (up to 640 x 320) and touch-screen, pen-based and traditional input methods.”

Nokia has been losing a staggering amount of market share in the cell phone industry, so it is nice to see them introduce new phones that put more of an emphasis on features than design.

You can read the full release at Yahoo! Finance

Found VIA Engadget