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New PadRacers App Turns iPhones and iPad into a Racing Game

The idea behind PadRacers is simple:  you use your iPhone to control your car around a track that is displayed on an iPad.  Simple, and yet ridiculously addictive.

The top down racer turns the iPhone into a wireless controller that connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  Users tilt the controller left or right to steer the cars through the course’s curves, which are displayed on the iPad.  The game can be played solo, but it shines when you are competing with a friend.

One catch: You must have both an iPhone and an iPad to play, but we may soon see more games that combine the two devices. This isn’t the first app to use the two devices together, but it is the first to incorporate them into a fast-paced game.

The PadRacer app is currently available from Apple’s App Store for $4.99.

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