New Palm Software Makes Quick Purchases

For handheld users who want quicker and easier access to popular software solutions, palmOne, Inc. today announced the availability of Addit, a database and electronic commerce application that makes finding and downloading popular Palm OS(R) applications as easy as pushing the HotSync button. Now, for the first time, palmOne handheld users can have information about new software and the ability to try or buy it via an application that sits conveniently on their handheld or smartphone.

The software is available immediately for free download at

With the debut of Addit, users can search among an initial 65 applications from publishers such as ePocrates, Handmark and LandWare, organized into nine categories – Top Picks, Specials, Business, Entertainment, Games, Healthcare, Productivity, Travel and Utilities. In addition to applications, Addit provides software news and quick tips, helping palmOne users take their handheld experience beyond basic Personal Information Management (PIM) functionality.

“palmOne handheld users are by their nature mobile, busy people. Addit allows them to browse and later purchase the most popular and relevant software titles for their handhelds while on the go,” said William Lynch, vice president of Solutions Marketing for palmOne, Inc. “The transaction is carried out securely and in full with the next push of the HotSync button … no longer do they need a ‘note to self’ — it’s shopping made easy.”

palmOne developed Addit in conjunction with two partners – Bluefish Wireless, Inc., a two-way wireless platform provider for handheld applications, and element 5, an e-commerce solutions company. Bluefish manages the database and transaction of software applications, while element 5 provides the secure electronic software download and merchant services.

“Bluefish and element 5 are best-of-breed partners for the Addit solution,” continued Lynch. “Bluefish has an innovative client-server architecture for Addit content and order updates, and element 5 has extensive experience in secure online merchant services, drawing from work with more than 9,000 software publishers.”

How It Works

Once installed, Addit resides on the handheld device. A conduit on the desktop, called Addit Manager, enables the transfer of software or information to the handheld during the HotSync process. If an application requires PC installation, the user receives an email with a link to the download.

For example, a sales manager on a flight home uses his Tungsten T3 handheld to write a report, and remembers he had been meaning to download a dictionary application. He conveniently taps the Addit application, searches under Utilities for a dictionary and chooses one. He taps the “Buy” button, reviews transaction details and enters a password. His contact and credit card information is safely stored in MyAccount, a secure password-protected area of the Addit application. The sales manager doesn’t have to think about getting a dictionary again. That evening, when he synchronizes his handheld to his desktop, Addit processes the transaction and automatically loads the selected application onto his device.

System Requirements

To install and use Addit, users need a handheld running Palm OS 3.5 or higher, a PC running Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP, and 500K available memory. Addit runs on all the current palmOne handhelds and smartphones.

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