This phone charger will let your friends jumpstart your iPhone


You’re out and about with your friends for a daylong romp around town. You check in here, check in there, upload your lunch photo to Foodspotting, and constantly keep in touch with others as they meet up with you throughout the day. All of this takes its toll on your phone’s battery and, before you know it, you’re hear that dreaded chime that is your devices cry for help … in the form of an energy boost.

Of course, there are a ton of portable chargers that, as long as you’ve remembered to juice them up beforehand, can breathe life into your device. But maybe you’re the type that has a habit of forgetting to prepare ahead of time. Enter ChargeBite, a new project currently raising funds on IndieGogo. The portable charger touts itself as a social charger. Why? Because the boost you get is actually taken from your friends.

Because sharing is caring, right?

On paper, the charger is pretty ingenious. It’s great for a quick boost (a jump start, if you will) so that you’re not left completely stranded once you part ways from your friends. It requires no maintenance; just put it on your keychain and forget about it until you need it. It’s only about 1/2 inch thick, and the size of a golf ball, so it can more than easily slip into your pocket.

However, there are a couple downsides.

The device hasn’t hit the market yet, as the company is still raising funds, yet, its design is only compatible with older models of the iPhone, so if you have the 5, you’re out of luck. Coupled with that, you need two iOS-toting friends to make it work, so if you have just one with you, it won’t work.

We also have to note, it’s a little strange that whether you pledge $20, $22, or $25, the reward is the same: one ChargeBite, each delivered by the same date. (What’s the incentive to pledge $22 or $25?)

We’re hoping that, since the company uses 3D printing to manufacture the devices, an updated model will make its way to the market shortly after the current model does, if it does.