New smartphone from Sierra wireless

This confirms the rumours that have been flooding the net, speculating as to just who the mystery manufacturer is. Sierra Wireless are best known for making the AirCard range, which enable wireless access for laptop computers.

The Voq has taken the standard candy-bar phone orientation and applied one major innovation: a flip-out QWERTY keyboard lurking behind the standard numeric affair. This makes it an attractive proposition for those with larger data-input requirements, and differentiates the product from the Mitac flip-phone and the popular Canary / Tanager design of the SPV.

Other innovations include a 200 MHz X-Scale processor (the fastest in a smartphone), 48 MB of Flash Memory, 32 MB of RAM, tri-band GSM, GPRS and MMS. As is now standard, the Voq has an SD / MMC slot for memory expansion.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Voq is not equipped with Bluetooth, perpetuating one of the greatest frustrations of the current Smartphone range.

As a Windows Mobile Smartphone, the Voq sports a 220×176 screen, which Sierra term ‘bright’, although whether it is reflective or transflective remains to be seen. The platform comes complete with an instant messaging client, full internet and email support, Windows Media Player and a range of PIM tools.

The Voq will ship with a mono headset and a synchronization cable, with a stereo headset and cradle forming part of the accessory range.

Sierra Wireless are planning availability in the first half of 2004 across the world, although no carriers or pricing information were announced at the time of writing.

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Source: Sierra Wireless and Infosync