New Surface ad launches, this time more than just dancing (and clicking)

new surface ad launches this time more than just dancing and clickingThe first ad for Microsoft’s new Surface tablet may have been an all-clicking all-dancing affair, but its second has a little more substance. For a start, there’s a voiceover telling us a few things about the device, and look, occasional text appears on the screen too – words like “sleek”, “light”, and “durable”.

Most of the ad’s participants seem to be aged around 20 to 40. There are no kissing senior citizens in the 97-second promo, nor any dancing schoolgirls – both of which featured in the first ad, in case you thought I was just mentioning some odd, random scenarios.

The Redmond-based company is still going big-time with the Touch Cover and and kickstand, two features which it believes help make it stand apart from competing tablets. According to a report yesterday, however, it seems most people pre-ordering the device are going for the lowest-priced $499 Surface, which comes without the Touch Cover.

The new ad takes time to mention some of the features of the new tablet, which launches on October 26, including its HD video-out port, USB 2.0 port and microSD card slot.

“From touch to type, office to living room, from your screen to the big screen, you can see more, share more and do more with Surface,” the voiceover tells us at the close of the ad.

If you thought Microsoft’s first ad for the Surface was a bit light on information (like, there wasn’t any information), you’ll definitely prefer this one.

And if gradually increasing the amount of information while decreasing the amount of fluff is going to be a trend with these Surface ads, perhaps the next one will feature Steve Ballmer in a sparsely furnished room sitting at a desk staring straight down the barrel of the camera explaining in no uncertain terms exactly what’s so darn great about Microsoft’s new tablet. Without that clicking sound.

new surface ad launches this time more than just dancing and clicking steve ballmer close up

[Image: Imagemaker / Shutterstock]