Newsweek’s Twitter account hack sent threats to the Obama family

twitter hacker dccc suspended

Newsweek has its own Twitter account, but that account behaved very weirdly a few days ago, after a group calling itself the Cyber Caliphate compromised the account and sent some disturbing tweets.

One of those tweets, spotted by Techcrunch, was a threat against Michelle Obama and her family, insinuating that something might happen on Valentine’s Day:

Obama threat tweet

The group also tweeted out images of alleged leaked documents that pertain to the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy, or the DCITA. Cyber Caliphate’s main message, which was issued as an image of text, reveals the group’s alleged ties to ISIS. They also call themselves the CyberJihad:

Cyber Caliphate

“While the U.S. and its satellites are killing our brothers in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, we are destroying your national cyber security system from inside,” reads part of the message. Even though the veracity of the group’s alleged ties to ISIS have yet to be confirmed, this is the same group that allegedly took down Malaysia Airlines’ website for a while, as well as Central Command’s Twitter account.

Newsweek finally took back control of its Twitter account, though this might not be the last we hear of Cyber Caliphate. Just recently, President Barack Obama submitted a draft resolution to take action against ISIS, albeit in a limited fashion.