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Next-gen Samsung Galaxy Buds rumored to ditch stems for ‘bean’ redesign

The next-generation Galaxy Buds will reportedly be redesigned and look very different from their predecessors, according to leaked 3D data from Samsung.

The Galaxy Buds 2, if that is what they end up being called, will feature a “bean” design, according to a report from WinFuture, which also created renders for the upcoming wireless earbuds.

The renders show the Galaxy Buds 2 ditching the stems and silicone tips that help the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+ stay in the ears of wearers, in favor of a design that looks like kidney beans. A microphone may be seen in the outer portion of the device, and the speakers and metal connectors, which may be used for charging or for measuring the wearer’s heart rate, in the inner portion. The device may also come with a sensor to detect if they are seated in the ear.

WinFuture envisions that the Galaxy Buds 2 will be worn with the speaker area in the lower part of the ear, and the rest of the wireless earbuds resting on the upper part.

Without the silicone tips and adapters from previous models, it’s unclear how the Galaxy Buds 2 will fit different ear shapes. The absence of silicone attachments may also mean that the wireless earbuds will not offer a noise cancellation feature.

WinFuture, however, claims that testing for the Galaxy Buds 2 and its redesign is not yet completed, which means that there may still be some changes before the wireless earbuds are rolled out.

The report does not reveal other important details such as the Galaxy Buds 2’s price, battery life, or release date. However, one possibility for Samsung would be to launch the next-generation wireless earbuds alongside the Galaxy Note 20, which is expected later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ now available

For people who would rather have a more traditional design for their wireless earbuds, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ are now available. Compared to the original Galaxy Buds, the second version of the buds features an improved battery life and upgraded audio.

The first Galaxy Buds, however, are a bit cheaper, and along with Apple’s AirPods, are currently on sale at Best Buy.

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