Google and LG reportedly fix common Nexus 5 problems with slightly revised model

Google Nexus 5 review right side macro

One of the negative points in our otherwise very positive review of the Nexus 5 smartphone, was the unfortunate fitting of the SIM card tray, particularly on the black model. The sleek soft-touch shell was spoiled by the way it refused to sit flush with the edge of the device.

It seems like Google and LG have been aware of the problem, and a new version has started to ship with a slightly updated design, which fixes the SIM card tray issue along with several other problems reported by users. The news comes from a thread on the XDA Developers forum, after a member sent his Nexus 5 back to Google, and received a modified one in return.

Nexus 5 Revised DesignThe new model comes with a flush fitting SIM tray and touchscreen, buttons which no longer have excessive play, and the holes covering the speaker and microphone have been enlarged. You can see the differences between the speaker holes, which is the most visually noticeable alteration, in the picture to the right. Although the SIM tray was the only issue we found with the Nexus 5 used for our review – a problem which was cured on the white model we subsequently tested anyway – many owners have been affected by other problems.

The power and volume controls were prone to rattle, which was exacerbated when the phone vibrated, which was also a problem in itself. The vibration would sometimes be weaker than expected, but with the unfortunate side effect of being much louder than usual. Speaker performance was occasionally sub par. All these have apparently been addressed in the new Nexus 5.

Previously, the most practical advice for Nexus 5 owners with devices affected by one or more of these faults was to return the phone to Google. However, while there was never any guarantee of getting a completely fixed one in its place before, there should be now.

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