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Nexus S coming soon? Best Buy leaks pre-order

Nexus SThere’s been buzz about the possibility of a follow-up to Google’s ill-fated Nexus One. Best Buy may have unintentionally leaked some confirmation of the Android device’s existence. This morning, Phandroid broke the news that the retailer’s website featured a link for “Nexus S” pre-order. Since then, it’s been taken down, and neither Google nor Best Buy have commented (if you want more than a screen shot, the page is still available on the Google Cache). Then, even later this morning, Best Buy featured an image of a smartphone running on Android that could very well be the Nexus S in its gift lineup.

With the imminent release of Android 3.0, or Gingerbread, on the horizon, it may be fortuitous timing for an updated Nexus phone release. It’s rumored to be more reminiscent of the Galaxy S, rather than its smartphone predecessor. But like the Nexus One, the Nexus S would be available through T-Mobile. Despite the obvious proof of the phone becoming a reality, Samsung has recently denied developing such a thing. Nice try, Samsung – looks like those initial reports were all on target (including the front-facing camera!).

Looks like the phone will be available for the holiday season. And with all the hype surrounding this little “leak,” it seems like the Nexus S is easily spiking consumer interest.

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