Nokia 3650 vs Sony Ericsson P800 review

Quote from the review at SL Central:

“Both the Nokia 3650, and the P800 were a pleasure to “work with.” But it all comes down to the bottom line, which one to get?

You’ve probably been hoping I wouldn’t say this, but it depends on the person. There’s really no other way to put it. If you’re a average user that would like to have a basic Palm-type of organizer, as well as a cell phone, go for the 3650. Not only is it much cheaper then the P800, but it’s easier to use. Like the P800, it has its problems, but for the most part, it’s a great phone that is perfect for users that need a basic Palm-like phone.

However, if you’re a business executive or the like, the P800 is probably the right choice. It has more power, more space, more features, more everything. Probably the two biggest things that makes all the difference are the large screen, as well as the stylus. While the phone does have it’s problems (trust me, it does), it’s still a good phone once you get over the confusing interface. “

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