Nokia 808 Pureview coming to the USA, will build anticipation for Windows Phone version

nokia-808-pureviewNokia has announced it will be launching the 808 PureView smartphone in the USA later this week The news comes after Nokia USA’s president said last month that he would be “figuring out a way” to bring the extraordinary camera phone to US buyers.

This is good news, and even better news is that Nokia will be selling the 808 unlocked through Amazon, and not through a portal on its own site or with only a few online retailers. The price? $699.

This is far more reasonable than we expected it to be, and is inline with the current estimates in the UK. The phone will be compatible with both AT&T and T-Mobile networks, although Nokia initially said the latter would only get 2G speeds, but this was retracted soon afterwards and T-Mobile users will get the full 3G experience too.

The 808 PureView’s headline-grabbing camera, all 41-megapixels of it, is its main selling point, and it’s accompanied by a xenon flash, 1080p video recording, autofocus, lossless zoom and 16GB of internal memory. Other features include a 4-inch AMOLED screen and a 1.3Ghz single core processor.

It’s the operating system that will prove the 808’s biggest problem, as it uses Symbian. It doesn’t matter that it’s Nokia Belle — the latest version — and that it’s nowhere near as annoying as it once was, its tainted reputation means it’s just not cool enough to win many new fans.

PureView on Windows Phone Teased Again

The PureView’s incredible camera will see it sell though, just not in large numbers, but as it’s arguably a niche device anyway, this is probably already expected. A line towards the end of the official announcement provides a clue why Nokia feels it’s essential to release the 808 in as many places as possible, regardless of how many it sells.

It says “elements of Nokia’s PureView technology will be integrated into future Windows Phone devices.” This isn’t anything new, as it has been mentioned several times already, but it is unusual to talk about future handsets in an announcement of a new device.

By building interest and anticipation in the PureView technology, Nokia is paving the way for a future variant running an operating system with more commercial appeal. The 808 PureView has been described as a “prototype” and “proof of concept” already, and Nokia’s statement makes it sound like a precursor to the main event.

The 808 PureView shouldn’t be dismissed though, as this amazing picture posted on Flickr recently proves, as does’s blind test, which saw it come out on top when pitted against other camera phones and the Olympus PEN E-PL2.

Amazon will be putting the 808 up for pre-order later this week, with the release date still to be finalized.