Nokia CEO Stephen Elop hints at new Windows Phones, possibly as soon as MWC?


This isn’t exactly news since Nokia CEO Stephen Elop did hint at it during the manufacturer’s press conference at CES last week, but Stephen Elop has been repeating it pretty consistently. The Lumia 710 may be out on T-Mobile and the Lumia 900 is bound for AT&T, but Nokia has more Windows Phones planned and they’re coming fairly soon. 

“We have not announced the 900 in other countries,” Elop told Pocket-lint in an interview. “One of the things you should notice though is that we clearly have a pattern of this rolling thunder of announcements one after another and what we are doing more and more is making sure that we are targeting specific devices and specific price points for specific markets…The message we are trying to deliver is: 710, 800, 900, and there is going to be more.”

He added that there “are there going to be successor devices, different shapes, sizes, different configurations, of course.”

If Nokia remains consistent, then it will likely announce new devices at Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show in Barcelona, Spain at the end of February. MWC has arguably become the largest mobile show of the year. 

As he has been doing, Elop spent much of the interview building up Windows Phone as a viable platform. He didn’t use the strong language as he did at the Consumer Electronics Show where he compared the battle between Windows Phone, Android, and iOS to trench warfare, saying that the Lumia devices were Nokia’s first “beachheads” in the war ahead. 

“A year from now, I want the story to be a bit more about, OK, this third eco-system, it’s in play, this is happening,” said Elop. “There will be a big raging debate about it, but having a more balanced perspective that there is a third contender that clearly is in the game.”

In a recent interview with Wired, Elop took a bit of a jab at competitors like Samsung, arguing that few companies have the guts to put their eggs in one smartphone operating system: “There’s a lot hedging going on in the industry, that’s for sure. And this is why I say rather boldly these are the first real Windows Phones. Our best innovation, our best industrial design, our best cameras, our best software, whatever it is, is being focused on the Windows Phone platform. Unambiguously. We’re not doing a little bit of everything. This is what we’re doing.” 

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