Rumor: Nokia EOS to be officially named Lumia 1020

Nokia EOS Camera LeakAccording to the latest rumor, Nokia will name the phone we currently know as the EOS, the Lumia 1020. This comes from the serial phone leaker @evleaks on Twitter, and hasn’t been confirmed by Nokia, however thanks to many leaks regarding the EOS, it’s just about the only detail we don’t know.

The Lumia 1020 name is somewhat familiar, as just before the beginning of the year, a leak talked about three possible smartphone releases coming from Nokia during 2013 – the Lumia 520, the Lumia 720, and the Lumia 1000. Both the 520 and 720 subsequently arrived during Mobile World Congress, leaving the Lumia 1000 as a no-show. Nokia has been using the number 20 in its model numbers this year, but has recently started to advance beyond this, with hardware such as the Lumia 925. While the Lumia 1000 name trips off the tongue rather nicely, Lumia 1020 isn’t bad either, particularly when pronounced Lumia ten-twenty.

We’ve been treated to a considerable amount of information regarding Nokia’s next smartphone release, which will be announced at an event confirmed for July 11. At first, it told us the zoom feature would be reinvented, and has subsequently said there are 41 million reasons to tune into the live streamed event on the day. Of course, Nokia’s PureView camera just happens to have 41 megapixels, so we can be fairly sure the new Lumia phone will finally bring PureView tech to Windows Phone.

Otherwise, we’re not expecting too many surprises from the phone. Leaked pictures have shown a body shell which is very similar to the Lumia 920, and the specification is likely to be the same as the rest of the Lumia 92x range, meaning a 4.5-inch screen with a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution, and a dual-core processor. While not up there with the Galaxy S4, it does beat the latest top-end camera phone, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which takes on the S4 Mini’s lesser spec.

Nokia’s special event will take place in New York on July 11, and we’ll bring you everything you need to know about the EOS/Lumia 1020 on the day.