Nokia’s Here Maps is here now for Android, here next year for iOS

here maps abandons windows nokia android

Nokia is serious about getting Here Maps onto more devices. After a brief period of exclusivity, Here Maps is finally available on the Google Play Store. Yes, it’s still a beta version, but at least it’s available to download for all Android users, regardless of which brand of phone they own. Nokia also announced that Here Maps will return to iOS in 2015, after it was unceremoniously removed from the App Store in 2013.

Nokia’s expansion of Here Maps to all Android devices isn’t too surprising, given it announced a special partnership with Samsung in October, when the app was granted entrance into Samsung’s own official app store. Nokia also allowed Android users to side-load the beta version of Here Maps onto their devices for a number of months before finally bringing the beta version to the Google Play Store on December 10.

The Android app features many of Here Maps’ most popular features. These include turn-by-turn voice directions (available even without an Internet connection), interactive offline maps for 100 countries, integrated public transit maps, real-time traffic and road closure information, personalized maps, and Glympse location sharing via SMS or email. Nokia boasts that its voice-guided navigation is now available in 18 more countries, such as Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Côte d’Ivoire, Cyprus, Iraq, Libya, and more. You can try Here Maps out for yourself by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, iOS users will have to wait a few more months before Here Maps hits the App Store. Nokia did not specify when its maps app will head back to iOS, other than to say it will arrive in 2015.