Nokia launches One Mobile Service in US

The Nokia One Mobile Connectivity Service is a proven, managed service that provides mobile access to corporate e-mail, calendar, phone directories and other corporate applications. Employees canincrease their productivity through enhanced communications within the company, as well as between the company and customers.   Nokia One is an attractive proposition to the business marketoffering a unique alternative to server-based and device specific solutions. Corporate employees are able to securely use their existing mobile devices without changing the IT infrastructure orfirewall policies. With the Nokia One service, all data stays on the corporation’s secure network and communications with the service occur over an encrypted channel.   “Applications thatprovide a competitive advantage become even more valuable when employees have easy and quick access in the field. Nokia One enables corporations to ‘fast-track’ mobile deployment,” says GerhardRomen, hHead of sales and marketing, Nokia One. “With Nokia One corporations can now reach every employee without equipping them with specific devices.”   Corporate employees around the globecan benefit from flexible, easy and secure access to essential business information by Voice, SMS, WAP and Web using nearly any device – mobile phone, smart phone, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA),personal computer (PC) or a fixed-line phone.  Employees are able to send and receive corporate e-mail, find free time and schedule appointments, access corporate directories, and much more.  With the recently announced Mobile Application Interface (MAI), employees have quick, mobile access to business applications.  Corporate web-based applications, the standard today forease-of-use and portability, are now globally accessible from nearly any mobile device, going beyond browser-based and specialized solutions.