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Nokia Lumia 710 and T-Mobile launch party pictures

Yesterday morning, T-Mobile officially announced that it will carry the Lumia 710, the first Nokia Windows Phone to make it to the US market. Yesterday night, the wireless carrier held a big party in New York City to celebrate. Not to be outdone, T-Mobile parties always seem somewhat ridiculous, resembling something you might see at an Entertainment 720 End of the World party more than smartphone launches, but hey, they have free booze. As you can see from the pictures, this party had hanging pizza slices, a Sasquatch, fake fires, a girl trapped in a snow globe, two regular bars, one bar that appeared to be made of ice, tables filled with random board games, and a very odd food selection (they had tortilla chips, but they were stood upright). The only thing missing were quiet, well lit places to photograph, use, and try out the Lumia 710. 

After a wait, I managed to get my hands on one of the phones. The Lumia has interchangeable colors, but it appears that T-Mobile will only sell it in white and black when it hits shelves on January 11. The device has similar specs to most Windows Phones and a 3.8-inch screen. We’ll have video impressions coming soon. 

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