Nokia named as top Windows Phone maker, Lumia 920 beats Windows Phone 8X

Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820

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Both Nokia and HTC have produced Windows Phone handsets in a variety of flavors, but only one manufacturer can reign supreme. According to mobile ad company Ad Duplex, Nokia has smoked its rival in producing the most popular Windows Phone 8 and legacy Windows Phone smartphones.

The firm compiled an infographic of the Windows Phone market share by monitoring Windows Phone apps that use the AdDuplex software development kit (SDK.) The data, published on Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows, is broken down by device and found that Nokia’s Lumia 920 is the most popular Windows Phone 8 handset. 

In terms of the most widely-used Windows Phone devices, including legacy models, the Lumia 920 places in sixth. However, this is still significantly higher than HTC’s competing gadget. The Windows Phone 8X ranks as No. 20 when it comes to the hottest Windows Phone smartphones, according to AdDuplex’s data.

Nokia also takes the crown for most popular Windows Phone device overall, since its Lumia 710 single-handedly accounts for 24 percent of the market share for devices running Microsoft’s mobile software. The Lumia 800 comes in second to the 710 at 18 percent, the Lumia 610 places third claiming 17 percent of the market, and the Lumia 900 is in fourth with seven percent. HTC’s Radar appears as No. 5 on the list, accounting for 4 percent of the Windows Phone market share.

The Lumia-device maker also ranked as the top Windows Phone and Windows Phone 8 hardware maker, as the company’s stats weighed in at 76 percent and 80 percent respectively. HTC, in contrast, came in at 12 percent and Samsung accounted for nine percent.  LG brought up the rear with two percent of Microsoft’s mobile market share.

Other interesting takeaways from the data label Windows Phone 7.5 as the dominant Microsoft-branded operating system, owning a whopping 94.8 percent of the overall market while Windows Phone 8 claims a solid 5.2 percent.  The United States was also named as having the largest Windows Phone market globally.

Last month, the same firm measured the most popular Windows 8 devices two months after the OS was launched. AdDuplex found that Microsoft’s Surface with Windows RT took the win.