Nokia quickly releases Lumia 900 data connectivity fix


As detailed by Nokia earlier today, the company released an update to the Nokia Lumia 900 software that fixes a memory management issue. The previous version of the firmware caused a loss of 2G, 3G, or 4G LTE data services when the Lumia 900 was switched to airplane mode, restarted or powered down. The only way to fix the phone prior to the software update was to complete a hard reset of the phone’s operating system. While the updated software was originally targeted for release on April 16, the development team at Nokia was able to push out the new software three days ahead of schedule.

nokia-lumia-900-screenNokia stressed that this problem has nothing to do with the hardware or the cellular network. Users can update to the latest version of the firmware by connecting the phone to a PC and using the Zune software to run through the update process. Lumia 900 owners with a Mac can use the Windows Phone 7 Connector software to download and install the latest version.

Nokia has also included step-by-step videos to walk users through the update process. Users that aren’t comfortable with updating the software on their personal computer can trade out the phone for a new Nokia Lumia 900 at any AT&T store until April 21. 

Announced earlier in the week, Nokia is offering Lumia 900 owners a $100, AT&T bill credit as a gesture of good will due to the connectivity issue. Nokia is continuing to offer the credit to all new Lumia 900 owners as long as they purchase the smartphone prior to April 21. Since the phone is priced at $99, this discount makes the Lumia 900 essentially free at purchase. Of course, users will have to sign up for the standard two year service contract through AT&T to receive the discounted price. According to recent financial data released by Nokia, the company sold more than two million Lumia devices in the first quarter and expects a similar number for the second quarter of 2012.