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Nokia Sirius tablet leaked with 1080p screen, quad-core chip, and $500 price tag

Nokia Sirius Tablet Leak
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An unofficial Nokia tablet has been previewed by, alongside a variety of other Windows tablets and convertible laptops expected to be released over the coming months. A Windows tablet has been rumored ever since the company adopted Windows Phone as its smartphone OS of choice, and now Microsoft has purchased the Devices division, a launch – if it’s ever going to happen – should take place soon.

The tablet has the codename of Sirius, and is apparently powered by a quad-core Qualcomm processor, specifically listed as the MSM8974, which we know better as the Snapdragon 800. The screen could measure 10.1-inches, and have a 1080p resolution, while a 6.7-megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens may be fixed to the rear of the chassis.

Nokia may have a keyboard accessory to go along with the Sirius tablet, described as an, “Innovative multi-function cover with a keyboard and additional battery life.” Sounds like a larger version of Microsoft’s Touch Cover for the Surface RT. If the report is correct, the the tablet will also have 4G LTE connectivity, and weigh around 590 grams.

As we’ve mentioned, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a Nokia tablet, but the rumors have been coming more regularly over the past few weeks. The above information corresponds to another leak from mid-August, which claimed the tablet’s Snapdragon 800 would run at 2.1GHz. Another report referred to the tablet under the codename of Vanquish, but as the specs match, we’ll assume they’re the same.

The Sirius will be running Windows RT, presumably the forthcoming 8.1 version, which isn’t great news, and neither is the quoted $500 price tag. Microsoft struggled to sell the Surface RT at this price, and although the Nokia slate has a considerably better spec, the same may happen thanks to the stigma of Windows RT. It’s a gamble, but perhaps Nokia’s skill at producing gorgeous hardware will help it out, or maybe the price includes the keyboard dock.

We’re expecting the Nokia tablet to launch alongside the rumored Lumia 1520 smartphone/tablet hybrid at an event at the end of September.

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