Nokia to hold July 11 event, will reinvent the zoom using PureView camera tech

Nokia July 11 InvitationNokia has sent out an invitation to a press event on July 11 in New York, where it will, according to the tagline, reinvent the zoom. It’s the second major event from the Finnish company in as many months, as in May, it launched the Lumia 925, a revised version of the Lumia 920 with a part aluminum body shell.

The company made it quite clear at the time it wasn’t done for the year, so what can we expect this time around? While we won’t know for sure until the day, it’s a safe bet it’ll be for the device we know as the Nokia EOS, the phone which is expected to bring the full PureView camera experience to the Lumia Windows Phone range.

The EOS has recently been the subject of an extensive leak, with a series of pictures showing us almost every angle of the hardware, and even a short video demonstrating the camera’s shutter action. Nokia is likely to use a modified version of the 41-megapixel unit seen on the 808 PureView last year, and if the images hold true, it has been suitably miniaturized to fit inside a slimmer chassis.

Doug Dawson Nokia EOS TwitterHow sure are we the event will be for the EOS, and that the pictures we’ve seen are genuine? Well, Nokia’s media-relations boss Doug Dawson has tweeted an amusing image, which mashes up the press invite and one of the leaked images. You can see it to your right, and it says all you need to know.

The timing, and the use of the word “zoom” on the invite is interesting too, as Samsung has just announced the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which is equipped with a 16-megapixel snapper and a 10x optical zoom. PureView camera tech, as seen on the 808 PureView, produces images which can be “zoomed” in without a drop in quality; and with its wording, Nokia is clearly asserting its territory against Samsung.

We’ll bring you all the news on July 11, when the event begins at 11am local time.

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