Nokia will bring the 808 PureView to North America, but pricing could make it a hard sell

Nokia USA has revealed the company has plans to sell the 808 PureView phone in North America. Initially expected to be sold in Europe, the UK, Russia, India and a selection of other markets, the USA was never mentioned, and given Nokia’s low market share, it wasn’t that much of a surprise.

Now, Chris Weber, President of Nokia USA, has said in an interview with that the 808 PureView will go on sale, unlocked, soon. He told the site “We’ll figure out a way to make [the 808 PureView] available in the US in the next couple of months.”

Judging by his words, it doesn’t sound as if the launch has been planned, but rather that it’s in response to a certain amount of demand.

Unsurprisingly, he added that it won’t be sold with carrier backing, but that it will be “AT&T compatible.”

Announced at Mobile World Congress in late February, the 808 PureView’s exact release date has been something of a mystery. It has turned up as a pre-order with several online retailers in the UK, with dates set for both April and early May. was one such company, and has subsequently amended its 808 order page to say “official availability to be confirmed,” and that the initial shipment of stock has been delayed until June 4.

The 808 PureView is an exciting phone, and effectively stole the show in Barcelona, with its incredible 41-megapixel camera, 1080p video and professional-quality audio recording. Nokia even used the phone to shoot its own commercial.

It’s still going to be a hard-sell though, as not only does it use Symbian as its operating system, but unlocked phones aren’t as popular in the USA as they are elsewhere in the world, especially as the estimated £500 price-tag converts over to $800. If you’re not familiar with prices of unlocked, SIM-free phones, the new Samsung Galaxy S III can be pre-ordered for about $690.

If Weber’s plan goes as expected, the 808 PureView could make its US debut in the late summer.